2020 Food and Restaurants Trends that will Define how you Eat

This is our top 10 list of 2020 food and restaurant trends that will define how you eat for the next decade. In the list, we will give you a glimpse into the future with 10 food trends to look for In 2020.
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The worlds of food and restaurants are always changing. However, more often than not it is actually the food industry that sets the trends and shows us what we should be eating and how we should be doing it. With that in mind here are 10 Food and Restaurant Trends That Will Define 2020.

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0:26 Non-Human Element
1:58 More Diverse Kids Menus
3:01 ‘Locavore’ Eating
4:13 More ‘Open’ Kitchens In Restaurants
5:25 Different Butters and Flours
6:51 Less Meat
7:51 Fast-Casual Restaurants Will Dominate
9:12 Innovative Food Delivery
10:41 More Diverse Drinks
12:18 Non-Alcoholic Happy Hour

– Children’s menus in restaurants and it’s only going to get bigger.
– Locavores focus on eating food that is grown and developed locally.
– More and more restaurants are promoting their ‘Mocktail happy hour’ as this trend looks set to become even bigger in 2020.
– More and more restaurants are going with the ‘open plan’ kitchen so that the diners can see exactly what goes on in the kitchen.
– In 2020 the butter and flour alternatives are set to explode even further.
– One big addition to the alcohol family that is set to be big in 2020 is the Korean drink Makgeolli.
– The world of technology marches forward at an alarming pace, and restaurants are happy to take advantage of all the new tech that is around in order to make the dining experience better for us all.
– 2020 looks to be an even bigger year for the meat substitute.
– Another option that has been creeping up on us for the past decade or so and that’s the Fast-Casual restaurant.
– On our list of trends that look to change the food and restaurant world in 2020, one area that is becoming increasingly popular and more diverse, is food delivery.

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