Interior Design | Phytowall – A new trend in the interior | 30 Eco Ideas

Not so long ago a new idea appeared in the design of houses and apartments. This is a phytowall. What is it we will show! More recently, phytowalls began to appear in interiors. This type of vertical gardening. The design solution can be used both for apartments and for private houses. With the help of a vertically located structure, the interior is landscaped. Indoor plants are planted on the wall. The sizes of phytowalls can be different. This can be either a picture or an entire wall, decorated inside or outside buildings.
Thanks to the green wall, designers skillfully hide wall defects and bring something special to the interior. Fitostena can be decorated in the nursery, living room, corridor and kitchen. Plants turn the wall into a “natural carpet” and a “green picture.”
This is a slide video of modern interior ideas.
Which one is your favorite?
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