Small BATHROOM Makeover Design Ideas: TRENDS 2021

2021 BATHROOM DESIGN TRENDS in a roomtour: a lot of interior design ideas for remodel your small bathroom. with state of the art water drainage technology, that pump out the water and it is a new one for solve hight problems in a elegant shower floor. also in the bathroom design planning for your makeover is a elegant sliding glass shower door which you can push away for more space in the small bathroom and a beautiful shower seat or showerseat for your relaxing.

waterproof showerfloor with floortiles in black colour and epoxy resin joints in combination with creme walltiles is a absolutely timeless design for the bathroom of 2021.
best planning for illuminated mirrors are not only design but also light for cosmetics.
more Interiordesign and new bathroomtrends like sanitary furniture and led light with touch sensor. listen also to the shower sound and refreshingly fine drops of water in this modern trend bathroom with slope for good water drainage in your new shower floor.
find sanitary, natural materials and more in this interior bath roomtour with tile trends, bathroom design ideas and bathroom trends 2020 / 2021.

elegant design ideas and a modern planning for your timeless bathroom.

0:00 overview bathroom design trends 2021
0:27 the bathroom planning
0:43 sliding and gliding shower door
1:36 design and color combination
1:54 modern vanity unit
2:48 shower seat
3:14 shower floor planning
4:41 water drainage technology
5:49 illuminated mirror
7:10 pump out and solve height problems
8:40 epoxy resin joints
8:54 timless bathroom design 2021
9:03 the best for last

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